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              Brent Hall Career Highlights

Big Boats

  • 2012  Grand Prix Hydroplane Race  Spanaway 3rd Place

  • 2012  Unlimited Hydroplane Test Sesson Seafair 

  • 2012  Unlimited Hydroplane Test Session Tri Cities 139 MPH top speed 174 MPH 

  • 2011  3rd place 2.5 Liter Stock Hydro Western Region Season Standings 

  • 2011  7rd place 2.5 Liter Stock Hydro National High Point Standings

  • 2011  2nd place Heat 1B Unlimited Light Hydroplane -Issaquah Salmon Days

  • 2011  5th fastest Qualifier Unlimited Light Hydroplane -Seafair

  • 2011  Helped raise $11,000 for the Joplin Call Center Tornado Relief Fund 

  • 2011  2nd place 2.5 Liter Stock Hydro - Yapachino Memorial

  • 2010  3rd place Team 2.5 Liter Stock Hydro - Lake Chelan 

  • 2010  Purchased 2.5 Liter Stock Hydro

  • 2009  Qualified 5 liter Driver Tastin n' Racin

  • 2009  Raised over $9000 for the Friends of the Children

  • 2008  Placed 5th Tastin n' Racin 5 liter Hydro

  • 2008  Raised over $4000 for the Friends of the Children

  • 2006  Drove C-Stock Outboard Hydroplane 67 mph Capital Lake

R/C Hydroplanes

  • 2005  Rookie of the Year Puget Sound Fast Electrics

  • 2005  2nd Place O-Sport Hydro

  • 2005  6th Place Nationals O-Sport Hydro

  • 2005  2nd Place LSH Hydro

  • 2005  3rd Place P-Sport Hydro

  • 2006  Rookie of the Year Classic Thunder

  • 2006  Sportsman of the Year Classic Thunder

  • 2006  Sportsman of the Year Classic Thunder

  • 2009  3rd Place Division 2 Classic Thunder

  • 2010  3rd place Division 2 Classic Thunder

  • 2010  5th place Division 2 Classic Thunder (Back up boat)

  • 2010  Sportsman of the Year Classic Thunder

The watershed moment in Brent Hall's career arrived when he crossed paths with Harold Mills, a trailblazer and the first African American hydroplane racer to compete at Seafair.

Seeing someone who "looked like me" thrive in the sport ignited a fire within Hall, showing him what was possible. Under Mills’ guidance, Hall made the jump from a spectator to active participant.

Hall joined Mills’ crew in 2005, in a move that would prove instrumental to his evolution as a racer.

With determination in his heart, a history-making mentor, and a vision for the future, Brent embarked on his racing career, starting with radio-controlled hydroplanes. This passion soon led him to the pinnacle of the sport: unlimited hydroplane racing, which is marked by its unparalleled speed, specialized boat design, and the captivating spectacle it provides for both participants and audiences.


Hall is no stranger to adversity. As a cancer survivor, he understands the value of perseverance and resilience. In 2018, he was diagnosed with stage-four kidney cancer that had spread to his lungs.

Brent had his kidney removed and began an immunotherapy clinical trial at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center that had only just become available. He made a remarkable full recovery that he credits to the care he received at Fred Hutch, as well as the organization’s innovative clinical research.

Brent's enthusiasm for hydroplane racing is infectious, especially when he talks about his team, underscoring the joy, exhilaration and camaraderie that define his career. He views his role not only as a competitor but also as an ambassador, igniting the passion of young fans. Achieving his goal of becoming the first fully qualified African American unlimited hydroplane driver would be a significant breakthrough in a sport with a historical lack of diversity.


‘“To be the first, that's something no one can ever take away from me,” said Hall. “And then hopefully that inspires a whole new generation of African Americans, people of color, women, you name it. I think that's what we want to see in the sport is diversity across the board.”

Brent Hall's journey encapsulates the heart of hydroplane racing: a blend of competition, strategy, and a fierce desire to leave a mark on the sport's legacy. With every lap he completes, Hall races towards making history and inspiring generations to come. Despite not qualifying this year, his spirit remains undeterred as he sets his sights on next year’s competition.

“I'm going to keep going after it,” said Hall. “I'll keep going after it until I hit it.”

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