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In the world of hydroplane racing, marked by speed, skill and sheer determination, Brent Hall stands out not only for his prowess on the racecourse but also for his unwavering spirit and resilience in the face of adversity. As a hydroplane racer and cancer survivor, Brent has achieved his dreams — and faced nightmares head-on.

Brent's childhood fascination with the heart-pounding realm of hydroplane racing evolved into an all-consuming passion. "I used to always collect the Seafair magazines," Hall recalled. "I'd see the drivers, learn their stats and statistics, and now I'm in there.”

And now Brent Hall's years of dedication and hard work are about to pay off as he straps in to the cockpit of one of   the World's fastest race H1 Unlimited Hydroplane.
Let's do Something Special through Hydroplane Racing
Funraising Meter - Raised money for:  Joplin Tornado Relief Fund, Friends of the Children King County & United Way Snohomish County.      Raised So Far:   Over $18,000.00
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